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Latest funny world — jokes, pranks, and alot more…… -This is all by Ahmed Ehab-

Hey world wide web!

        Sup? How are you all?   THis is THe FuNNieSt Place found in the world. This is THe RIght place for jokes, and pranks that would so badly include you!  Here is some fresh jokes:

A drunken guy found a treasure,however he said,” Good! Now I have to find the map.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

A stupid guy saw his mother burning so he said, “Mother, You are enlightened.”  

Once they made a million dollar prize to whoever has ten children. A man who had nine children told his wife, “I will take my son form my secret other wife, so that we can have ten and take the prize”. When he brought his child he did not find his nine sons. He asked his wife “Where are the children?”, and the answer was, “Their fathers took them.”

Wait guys that is not all, there are alot others just click on the jokes section.

Do you want a prank:

If you like this one and you seek more open one of these

THErE ArE Alot more in the pranks section, just you have to click it.


Wanna a funny picture, then this is the right place;

Ha ha LOllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz, Seems like looking in the mirror!


Happy futere Every ONe:


YAaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This Is THE FuTuRe We ArE WaiTinG FOR


If you want nature animated images click here!

Ha ha, YuO Wlli NNeever Be there!


If you want to hit bush with your shoe, click here!




NOte:  THis site is still under construction.























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